Summer Seed Exchange

Here are photos from our Third Seed Exchange and a Tomato Tasting Event  (16th of August 2009):

A wealth of tomatoes available for tasting: a combined effort and almost a spontaneous one!
Here we have: Cherokee Purple, Striped German, Costenuto Genovese, Romanesco, Green Zebra, Black Plum, Green Grape, Ox Heart, Lemon, Gold Medal, Matt’s Wild Cherry, Black Prince, Striped Roman, Sprite, Dogma’s Perfection and some unidentified ones.


The host.    How did I come up with the exchange idea? Saved too many seeds over the years and didn’t want to see them go to waste.    How did Trish come up with the farm idea? Good question…


So many to choose from… Can we really try them?


Trish and friends. Yet again, they brought more tomatoes and seeds than what I had to offer. Very well organized too.


The other side of the table… Mark and more of Trish’s friends. Something tells me they have tasted all of these tomato varieties before. Some people just get around, you know…


Try this one!
Notice the large, orange tomato in the middle? That’s Gold Medal and well worth its name.


Mystery tomato. Makes my mouth water just looking at the thing.


Finally onto the seed exchange! Did you say 40 varieties of heirloom tomatoes? Wild arugula, holy basil, purple carrots and what?


Our guests from Oakland made it all so much more worthwhile. Starting a shared garden – I’m jealous… Good luck guys!

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