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Heirloom Tomato Plant Sale and Swap

Cupertino Earth Day 2014

We seem to be getting more ties with Gilroy – yet again some folk travelled that far to join us!

Welcome to our booth at Cupertino’s 2014 Earch Day!

It was a busy and joyous day for us!

There is nothing like sound gardening tips from a pro!

Look at all those tomatoes!

Which one shall we pick?

We love kids at our table!

And they love our tomatoes!

Hope to see you all there next year!

Biochar Workshop

We had a full room at the biochar workshop at Veggielution!

Back row listening attentively…

Paul Taylor demonstrating Champion stove.

Demonstration of a stove made from cans.

Back in the lecture room.

Thank you all for coming! We have learned at lot!


Grafting Party

Grafting Party – 28th of April 2013

It was a great, hot and instructive day with John talking about all the different benefits to grafting and demonstrating many grafting techniques, including rind and bark grafting on citrus. It was a pleasure to watch a pro at work and we are much better prepared to graft at home. Thank you John! Sally brought with her a couple potted rootstock apples that were grafted at the workshop and shared with participants – much appreciated!

Lunch under the canopies with John introducing the world of grafting.

Cleft graft demonstration.

Budding knife.

It’s great to have an attentive audience…

John demonstrating a rind graft.

John making a T graft (upside down…).

Finished T graft on citrus.

We all learned a lot and enjoyed it tremendously at the same time! Hope to have many more gatherings around gardening and sustainability!

Heirloom Tomato Plant Sale and Swap

Cupertino Earth Day – 6th of April 2013

It is always very rewarding to spread the love of heirloom tomatoes that come fresh off the vine in your garden! Thank you all for visiting our booth this year!

Sawako and Amy holding the fort.

And what is this? A companion plant – borage, good for increasing pollination as it attracts bees and the beautifull, small, dark blue flowers are edible. Just toss them in your salad!

She also likes lettuce, not just tomatoes!

Another young customer. It is awesome to see kids interested in growing plants!

Beautifull art work done by the kids just in front of our booth! See you there next year!