The Champion Stove

Greensteaders is excited to introduce, the US designed, Indian assembled, award winning: Champion Biochar Stove – back by popular demand – available for sale in the USA.

The Champion Biochar Stove is a TLUD stove – Top Lit Up Draft, meaning you start the fire at the top and it burns downwards. It is a stove that burns clean, produces biochar, has very high thermal efficiency and works on biomass residues. You can use Champion Stove with any carbon rich, dry material: wood pellets, wood chips, nut husks, sticks, etc. You load the stove loosly with such feedstock and light the fire on top. Once the coals start forming, put on the air restrictor and the tripod with chimney and you are ready for your carbon negative cooking experience! When you notice flame reduction and glow at the bottom, it is time to empty your stove and reload. Deposit hot biochar in an air tight container, so that oxidation (burning) stops and load the stove with more feedstock to start the burning process again. Once the biochar is cooled down, crush it and add it to your compost pile, or use it in your worm bin, or water filtration. Once the char is charged with nutrients add it to your soil!

Voila: now you can make biochar for your garden and cook a meal at the same time!

Champion Stove is portable, so you can take it camping and not worry about brining fuel. This is also a good disaster preparedness tool – you can still cook a meal when your power or gas go out! Biochar you put in the soil, will enhance the soil life for hundreds or thousands of years and keep carbon in the soil. Help the plants, soil and climate while cooking a meal – it doesn’t get much better than this!

Background Information: Designed by Illinois State University Geologist Paul Anderson, and professionally built with high quality staineless steal in India, the Champion Biochar Stove is is the ultimate survival/camping/gardening & home stove! It burns more healthily and smoke free, with over 70% more fuelefficiency than an open flame! And your end product is highly valuable, carbon negative Biochar – an amazing soil amendment that will greatly improve all your garden plants health and yields!

Basic Statistics: The Champion Biochar Stove is a TLUD: Top Lit Up Draft/Draught stove that pyrolyses any dry biomass.

It is at least 36% thermally efficient, with an average Fire Power of 4 KW (and it includes a damper or choke to reduce or control flame power. It is rated for more than a 7 year lifespan under heavy use, and it has no moving parts.

It is certified for a CO/CO2 ratio less than 0.04 in it’s exhaust gases.

Dimensions and Weight:

Canister: Outer Diameter 180 mm, Height 300 mm
Tripod Stand: 500 mm Height
Total weight: 4,5 kg (9,9 lbs)

Video about the Champion Biochar Stove:

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